V 17 N 2
Fall 2011

Special Issue:
Millenial Postcolonial Australia

Guest Editors:
Rebecca Weaver-Hightower and Nathanael O'Reilly

Title Author
Introduction: Millenial Postcolonial Australia Rebecca Weaver-Hightower and Nathanael O’Reilly
Reading The Secret River Marguerite Nolan and Robert Clarke
Postcolonial Impressions in Jonathan Bennett’s Verandah People Peter Mathews
History as Sharing Stories: Crossing the Cultural Divide Through Kim Scott’s Fiction Caterina Colomba
Literary Doubles and Colonial Subjectivity: Brian Castro’s The Garden Book Marilyne Brun
Beneath the Camouflage: Mimicry and Settler False Consciousness in the Fiction of Murray Bail Michael Ackland
Book Review Essays
"Speaking Personally" Gillian Whitlock
  A Revealed Life. Australian Writers and Their Journeys in Memoir,
edited by Julianne Schultz
  The Well in the Shadow: A Writer’s Journey through Australian Literature,
by Chester Eagle.
  The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and Their Writers,
edited by C.A. Cranston and Robert Zeller
  Creative Lives: Personal Papers of Australian Writers and Artists,
by Penelope Hanley
"Indigenous Australia: Historical and Contemporary Scholarship" Lyn McCredden
  Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature,
edited by Anita Heiss and Peter Minter
  Writing Never Arrives Naked: Early Aboriginal Cultures of Writing in Australia,
by Penelope Van Toorn
"'True Blue' Crimes and Other Infamous Aussie Yarns" John Scott
Mad, Bad, and Mysterious: Murder Rape and Pillage in Australia,
edited by Malcolm Brown
True and Infamous Crimes of Australia and New Zealand,
by Alan L. Peters and A.L. Seaford
Deadlier Than the Male: Australia’s Most Notorious Female Criminals,
by Adrian Tame
"Adrift but Within Sight of the Shore: Criticism of Australian Film" Theodore Sheckels
Shining a Light: 50 Years of the Australian Film Institute,
by Lisa French and Mark Poole
The Cinema of Australia and New Zealand,
edited by Geoff Mayer and Keith Beattie
Film in Australia: An Introduction,
by Albert Moran and Errol Vieth
Diasporas of Australian Cinema,
edited by Catherine Simpson, Renata Murawska, and Anthony Lambert
Australian Film,
by Saskia Vanderbent

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