V 13 N 1 - Spring 2006

Title Author
Revising Englishness: Embracing Hybridity in Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album Rebecca S. Godlasky
Gender, Power, and Struggle: The Aba Women's Revolt of 1929 Onyile Bassey Onyile
"A World Turned Upside Down": The Hermetic Visions of Pauline Melville, Peter Ackroyd, and Lindsay Clarke Kathleen Williams Renk
"The Dance Lesson" Darius Cooper
Book Review Essays
"Coetzee in Context: Recent Critical Approaches to the Work of J.M. Coetzee" Sue Kossew
J.M. Coetzee and the Ethics of Reading: Literature in the Event,
by Derek Attridge
J.M. Coetzee and the Idea of the Public Intellectual,
edited by Jane Poyner
A Universe of (Hi)Stories: Essays on J.M Coetzee,
edited by Lilian Sikorska
Old Myths -- Modern Empires: Power, Language and Identity in J.M. Coetzee's Work,
by Michela Canepari-Labib
Postcolonial Narrative and the Work of Mourning: J.M. Coetzee, Wilson Harris, and Toni Morrison,
by Sam Durrant
Cosmopolitan Fictions: Ethics, Politics, and Global Change in the works of Ishiguro, Ondaatje, Kincaid and Coetzee, by Katherine Stanton
Writing in Crisis: Ethics and History in Gordimer, Ndebele and Coetzee,
by Stefan Helgesson
"Education and the Postcolonial Imagination" Michael W. Apple
Early Childhood Education, Postcolonial Theory, and Teaching Practices in India,
by Amitra Gupta
School Reform in a Global Society,
by William Segall
Home-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature,
edited by Cynthia Sugars
Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Justice,
edited by Peter Trifonas
"Postcolonial Critics and the Critics of the Postcolonial" Amardeep Singh
Critics and Writers Speak: Re-Visioning Post-Colonial Studies,
edited by Igor Maver
Curriculum as Cultural Practice: Postcolonial Imaginations,
edited by Yatta Kanu
Minor Transnationalism,
edited by François Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih
Confluences: Postcolonialism, African American Literary Studies, and the Black Atlantic,
by John Cullen Gruesser
Against the Postcolonial: "Francophone" Writers at the Ends of the French Empire,
by Richard Serrano
"Beautiful Betrayals and Affective Resistance: A Review of Recent Scholarship Towards Global Liberation" Jodi Byrd
Affective Communities: Anticolonial Thought, Fin-De-Siecle Radicalism, and the Politics of Friendship,
by Leela Gandhi
Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism,
by Noenoe K. Silva
Bush in Bablyon: The Recolonisation of Iraq,
by Tariq Ali
Contesting Empire, Globalizing Dissent: Cultural Studies After 9/11,
edited by Norman K. Denzin and Michael D. Giardina
Empire, The National, and Postcolonial 1890-1920: Resistance in Interaction,
by Elleke Boehmer
"Irish Postcolonial Studies" Emer Nolan
Irish and Postcolonial Writing: History, Theory, Practice,
edited by Glenn Hooper and Colin Graham
Ireland and Postcolonial Theory,
edited by Clare Carrol and Patricia King
Irish Orientalism: A Literary and Intellectual History, by Joseph Lennon
Postcolonial Dublin: Imperial Legacies and the Built Environment,
by Andrew Kincaid
Book Reviews
The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India's Future,
by Martha C. Nussbaum
Deepika Bahri
A Movable Feast: Ten Millenia of Food Globalization,
by Kenneth Kiple
Larry Stalcup

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