Postcolonial Crime

Current Issue

New Series: V4 N 1
Spring 2016

Special Issue:
Postcolonial Crime Fiction

Guest Editor:
Sam Naidu
Rhodes University, South Africa


Crime Travel: A Survey of Representations of Transnational Crime in South African Crime Fiction - pp. 3-22.
  Sam Naidu (Rhodes University)

Mapping Representations of the Queen of Mystery’s Middle East: Adaptations, Anxieties, and Geopolitics of Agatha Christie's Appointment with Death - pp. 23-40.
  Sami Atassi (Indiana University Bloomington)

Detecting Islam: (Mis)recognition and the Muslim Detective in Jakob Arjouni’s Kayankaya Crime Series - pp. 41-60.
  Lesley Gissane (Western Sydney University)

"The Third Ireland": Inheritance and Postcolonialism in Irish Crime Writing - pp. 61-81.
  Charlotte Beyer (University of Gloucestershire)

Terra Nullius No More: The Negro Absoluto Collection and the Relocation of a Genre - pp. 82-98.
  Carolina Miranda (Victoria University)

Reading Takes Place: Reading and the Politics of Space in Leonardo Padura’s Havana Quartet - pp. 99-118.
  Jenni Ramone (Nottingham Trent University)

Exotic Familiarity: Returned Anglo-Indians and the Representation of National Identity in Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four - pp. 119-130.
  Agnieszka Jasnowska (University of Leeds)

Textual Inoculations, Generic Mutations: Reading Sherlock Holmes in India - pp. 131-144.
  Suchitra Mathur (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Book Review

Life is a Thriller: Investigating African Crime Fiction, edited by Anja Oed and Christine Matzke - pp. 145-150.
  Daniel Gover (Kean University)

Now in its twenty-fifth year, the Journal looks for manuscripts which address the fluidity of postcolonial, transnational, diaspora, or cosmopolitan studies. We seek to publish work in both thematic (migration, diaspora studies, etc.) and geographic (Eurabia, South Asia, etc.) areas:

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